Deploying an AI Privacy Assistant

This is the story of how TravelPerk leverages generative AI to empower their sales and deal desk teams, demystify legal, and bring joy to the teams they support across the business.

Deploying an AI Privacy Assistant

with Gabriel Silva, Privacy Manager @ Travelperk

TravelPerk is a corporate travel management company that provides companies with a variety of business travel booking and management services. The company is headquartered in Barcelona, with business hubs in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Berlin, Chicago, Boston, and Miami. The company raised $409 million at the end of its Series D funding round in 2022, achieving unicorn status and a valuation of over $1 billion.

As part of their AI legal chatbot TravelPerk automates ~2000 privacy queries per month. 

As a result, vendor forms and questionnaires are resolved significantlyfaster and the deal cycle is reduced from weeks to days. But perhaps even more crucially, responses across all forms in the sales process are accurate and consistent, and handled in a considerably more scalable manner for the teams responsible for addressing these queries.. 

The challenge: Privacy queries are time-consuming, repetitive, and resource binding. 

Like many B2B unicorns TravelPerk was optimizing for growth and operational efficiency across the business. However the completion of questionnaires, RFPs, and general privacy enquiries was time consuming and delayed sales cycles. 

TravelPerk’s privacy manager Gabriel Silva felt the pressure of ensuring these queries were answered quickly and accurately.

“Our team was drowning with internal tickets and I was being pinged on Slack many times a day. It was stressful for my team and on top of that it was a poor experience for our colleagues in sales as well as prospects.” 

Sales teams and the deal desk frequently found themselves in a holding pattern, waiting hours or sometimes even days for essential information and support. Recognising this inefficiency, Gabriel was driven to reshape the experience not only for his team but also for his colleagues in sales, the deal desk, and most importantly, for the prospects seeking the information.

TravelPerk's #ask-legal bot in Slack

The solution: Accurate, automated, on-demand support. 

In May 2023 TravelPerk deployed an AI legal assistant that automatically responds to privacy queries from colleagues across the Revenue department.

"Our previous keyword-based bot worked well for simple questions, but the new AI bot understood context and combined information for more complete and precise answers".

The GPT-4 powered AI legal assistant was trained on their internal policies and key documents (such as responses to privacy forms & RFPs, as well as entity information)

After fine-tuning responses, their new AI legal assistant was deployed directly into a Slack channel, ready to answer thousands of queries per month...

The result: significant increase in deal speed across the business. 

At TravelPerk RFPs, privacy queries, and questionnaires are no longer a time consuming blocker in the sales process. Sales and deal desk are able to answer privacy queries  accurately and independently in record time. 

By building, auditing, and steering AI bots with LegalOS, the in-house legal team at TravelPerk delivers a frictionless experience to their internal users, thereby empowering non-legal teams, promoting legal happiness, and leveraging technology to expand access to knowledge.

"We're committed to bringing the same 7-star experience of TravelPerk into our contracting process.Our AI assistant streamlines privacy knowledge sharing, enabling our colleagues to provide a delightful experience to prospects with rapid access to tailored and precise information on our privacy program."