Customer Success: How Leading Business Intelligence Firm Lusha Streamlined Their Legal Processes with Flank AI

Read on to find out how Lusha, the business intelligence organisation, leveraged Flank AI agents to allow its business departments to self-serve on expert support.

Customer Success: How Leading Business Intelligence Firm Lusha Streamlined Their Legal Processes with Flank AI

Company Profile

Industry: Business intelligence

Size: Over 300 employees

Challenge: Managing a high volume of repetitive legal queries efficiently

Implementation: Early Q4 2023


As a fast-paced, sales-heavy organization, Lusha needed a streamlined method to handle legal inquiries efficiently. The legal team was often overwhelmed by the high volume of repetitive queries, leading to delays and increased workload stress. Finding an innovative solution to maintain uninterrupted service while improving efficiency was crucial.


After a product demo, the decision to onboard Legal OS (now Flank) and deploy generative AI internally was made quickly by the legal leadership, known for their tech-forward approach. A senior legal counsel led the rollout of the Flank agents.

This innovative lawyer had already developed an internal FAQ to answer common legal queries from the sales and commercial teams. This document laid the groundwork for the Flank agents' capabilities, which were expanded with additional resources and links to ensure comprehensive support.


Initially, the legal team implemented a basic FAQ document to handle repetitive queries, then integrated the Flank agents to enhance and automate responses. The implementation phase involved several key steps:

  1. Setting Up Flank: The legal team began by embedding the Flank agents where conversations were already happening - as simple as adding a new member of the team to a Slack or Teams channel.
  2. Testing and Training: The Flank agents were tested with a small group from the commercial and sales teams. Feedback was collected to fine-tune their performance, addressing gaps and improving accuracy.
  3. Resource Expansion: The FAQ document was expanded with additional resources and links to cover a broader range of queries, making the Flank agents more comprehensive.
  4. Full Deployment: After a successful trial period, the Flank agents were officially launched across the organization. Continuous updates and refinements were made based on user feedback.


The Flank agents were officially launched across the organization after a successful two-week internal trial period within the legal team. Since then, the sales and commercial teams have been relying on our agents for daily legal support. The senior legal counsel continues to refine the agents, enhancing their reliability and accuracy by regularly updating the foundational documents based on identified gaps and user feedback.


The implementation of Flank agents at Lusha has been textbook. The proactive management and the legal team's engagement have ensured that the Flank agents not only support the organisation's immediate needs but also adapt to evolving challenges. The agents have become a trusted resource within the organisation, significantly reducing the time spent on routine legal queries and allowing the legal team to focus on more strategic tasks.


"The technology is not only clean and easy to use but perfectly aligns with our operations, making the daily workflow significantly more efficient. What I value most is how it empowers our team to manage queries more effectively, ensuring quicker response times and fostering trust among users, even when I'm unavailable. This tool has not only supported our current needs but has also seamlessly integrated into our proactive knowledge management strategy, saving time and boosting satisfaction across the board." - Diana Atias, Lead Counsel, Lusha

This customer success story is a testament to the power of innovative technology to transform business operations, even in challenging times. The successful adoption and ongoing enhancement of Flank AI agents showcase the potential for other organizations to follow suit in optimizing their legal processes.

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