Legal OS becomes Flank

Legal OS becomes Flank

May 21st, 2024 – Legal OS has rebranded as Flank and unveiled its mission to eliminate drag in commercial workflows.

Twelve months ago, Legal OS introduced the first steerable legal assistant for commercial teams. Since launch, Legal OS assistants have resolved hundreds of thousands of requests for legal teams globally, including DeepL, TravelPerk, Mural, Pros, and GWI.

The result for these organizations has been a significant reduction in drag between commercial teams and their expert counterparts, increased deal speed, and more delighted, productive commercial teams.

"After what we've seen these last 12 months, we're more confident than ever in our mission. Operational friction in the revenue process can be fatal," says Lilian Breidenbach, CEO of Flank. "Every year, businesses spend billions on process optimization, yet the main source of operational drag is overlooked: expert teams like legal, compliance, and finance, spend over half their time unblocking commercial teams. This shouldn’t be normal.”

While the rapid adoption of the tool has been surprising, even more astonishing is the organic expansion of product usage from legal to other expert teams such as compliance, deal desk, and infosec.

What’s more, commercial teams weren’t simply asking their AI bots to retrieve information from the company wiki. Users were treating bots as colleagues asking them to reason on negotiation topics, to suggest the correct wording in an email response, or to get the attention of another expert team member.

This inspired the Legal OS team to rebrand as Flank AI, and—today—to unveil their vision to deploy expert AI colleagues into every sales-driven organization globally, eliminating operational drag.

Flank’s AI agents provide 24/7 on-demand support, integrating into the existing enterprise tech stack to resolve requests from commercial teams instantly and independently. In short, they are endlessly scalable team members, engineered for high-stakes environments where multi-step reasoning, accuracy, and steerability are essential.

"Flank is built on bleeding edge AI," explains Jake Jones. "We’ve engineered for the rapid evolution in frontier models. This has enabled us to build agents that feel like a member of the team, that go way beyond the kind of retrieval tasks we’ve become familiar with. Our agents are endlessly scalable, utterly deterministic, and always secure. This is the first step towards an organization without bottlenecks."

Technically, Flank uses the latest AI agentic frameworks to enable it to reason, rather than simply retrieve. This leads to highly accurate resolutions, with Flank boasting a 93% resolution accuracy. This compares favourably to Claude 3 Opus (63%) and OpenAI’s “GPTs” (45%).

Another key differentiator in Flank’s agents is the ability to ground agents in specific knowledge. Rather than providing agents with an entire wiki to run over (which negatively impacts accuracy and latency), Flank agents have knowledge grounding that is synthesised from users’ messaging apps, wikis, email history, etc. Agents can then use this knowledge to respond to queries with incredible accuracy in <10s, and this knowledge can be directly edited by admins, without arduously updating every possible source.

Flank's evolution marks a significant progression in the AI market, and poses a direct challenge to incumbent RAG solutions that cater to simpler use cases.